An Exceptional Workplace—in the Sky

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Written By Gita Mirchandani
Image Courtesy Of Haworth

Haworth, Inc.'s Chairman Emeritus, Dick Haworth.

Every May, a colorful tulip festival is celebrated in Holland, Michigan, a charming town with a population of 33,279 in America’s Midwest. Beyond Holland’s quaint surroundings and charm, the community has more stories to tell. It is also home to successful corporate entities such as Haworth, a family owned, privately held company whose goal is to improve workplaces with award-winning furniture, interior architecture and technology solutions for customers around the world.

In the late 1940s, a young man by the name of G.W. Haworth borrowed US$10,000 from his parents to start a woodworking company in his family’s garage, and his company, Modern Products, was born. G.W.‘s son, Dick Haworth, later took over and increased the company’s size and product portfolio. Through hard work, the company grew and eventually changed its name to Haworth in 1976. In the 1980s and through the last decade, the company expanded with new products and acquisitions in Europe, Asia and the United States. Sales and dealer networks were created, beginning Haworth’s evolution as a global organization. Researchers, scientists and designers began working closely together in the “Ideation Group” to develop innovative solutions for the modern workplace and increased performance.

In 2008, Haworth celebrated the opening of its new and ultramodern corporate headquarters and continues its expansion plans with showrooms, products and technologies around the world. Serving markets in more than 120 countries through a global network of 600 dealers, the company had net sales of US$1.4 billion in 2013.

With business efficiency a top priority, the company recognized the need for a business aircraft in 2001 with the purchase of its first Gulfstream, a G200. Five years later in 2006, Haworth went a step further with the acquisition of a Gulfstream G450.

Haworth’s Holland headquarters is an architectural and design masterpiece characterized by contemporary design. Nearly 4,000 employees fill the space with Haworth staff spanning local and international functions. Because of the rather limited direct commercial flights available into Grand Rapids, Michigan, the city nearest to Holland, the ownership of a private aircraft has become a key asset for the company. The G450 business jet regularly travels across the U.S. to bring key potential and existing customers to Holland. In addition to domestic flights, Haworth flies internationally to Canada and Europe each year. Haworth logs between 400 and 500 hours of flight time annually.

Haworth’s G450 reduces two- or three-day trips by a day or more and elevates the business travel experience to one that is enjoyable and productive rather than one that is frustrating and inconvenient.

“Traveling with customers on our corporate jet provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend uninterrupted quality time,” explains Mabel Casey, Haworth’s vice president of global marketing and innovation. “We leverage this time to discuss a project and other important matters at hand. Our G450 provides a special opportunity to strengthen relationships while demonstrating one of the company’s core values: our customers.”

With Haworth’s rich heritage of design and creation of inspiring spaces, it is no wonder the furniture leader selected Gulfstream for its performance, engineering and modern communication features. The seamless blend of aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology are key value propositions for both global leaders.

The Gulfstream G450 has changed the way Haworth works and travels. “Because many of our clients bill by the hour and need the most efficient travel arrangement possible, we consider the jet an extremely valuable asset and business tool. It is like having an office in the sky,” concludes Casey.

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