Expanding the Safety Message

Expanding its Safety Management System to the Sales and Marketing Department is another example of how Gulfstream reinforces its position as an industry leader. Doing so makes Gulfstream one of the first business jet original equipment manufacturers to implement an SMS for a nonmanufacturing or service organization.

An SMS is an organized approach to managing safety and airworthiness. It includes proactive hazard and incident reporting, hazard assessments, a robust investigation process, a consistent and just disciplinary process, open communications, and inclusive participation by everyone in the organization.

“We are committed to sustaining a safety culture that supports our SMS,” says Fred Etheridge, senior manager, Corporate SMS, Gulfstream. “We are setting the standard in terms of safety and we will be one of the first in our industry to have nearly our entire corporation participating in SMS. This shows that our employees, whether in Manufacturing, Product Support, Sales and Marketing or another area, understand the value of safety and the importance of making the system function.”

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