Fresh Powder. Fresh Look.

Burn up the slopes this season with the coolest in ski accouterments
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Written By Adam Van Brimmer

Nature’s winter blanket now covers the Northern Hemisphere’s most prized peaks. Wherever the ski destination—the American Rockies, Russia’s Ural Mountains, the Alps or Japan’s Hida Mountains—the cold temperatures and powdery snow demand a special wardrobe, from sweaters to headgear to that favorite pair of runners.

Look for these hot fashion trappings on the frosty mountains in the months ahead.

Ski Gear


Eschew those racing skis endorsed by the latest World Cup downhill champion in favor of bespoke runners from Ullak. A small team of craftsmen works in its shop near Italy’s Lake Como trimming handmade wooden and carbon fiber skis in custom materials such as snakeskin and jewels.


Garden enthusiasts know bamboo is as strong and puncture-resistant as any composite material concocted in a mill or lab. The wood is also stylish chic, making the Bogner Bamboo a helmet-turner on the slopes. Beneath the bamboo shell, the lid is high tech: it’s micro-adjustable to hug the wearer’s head and has three air chambers to regulate temperature.

Flowers do bloom through the winter—on the heads of those sporting the Kask Lifestyle Lady Hybiscus. Distinguishable by the hibiscus-decorated shell, fur-trimmed earflaps and jeweled accents, the helmets also feature padding made from Merino wool, a natural antibacterial fiber renowned for its breathability, and a panoramic visor that is both scratch and fog resistant.


The foot and ankle is comprised of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. No wonder Surefoot measures each appendage 538 ways in producing its custom ski boots. Foam-filled boot liners and insoles mold to the wearer to ensure a precise fit for constant blood flow, vital to warmth and comfort.


Warm those numbing digits at the touch of a button with the Seirus Heat Touch Hellfire. A small, thin battery pack provides up to 12 hours of heating power. The gloves are made from sheepskin and are both breathable and waterproof. Material at the fingertips allows for touch-screen use.


The name—Fatso—is unrefined, but these carbon fiber poles with the oversized grips from Komperdell will draw envious looks on the mountain. The soft, nonslip handles are made from advanced polyurethane. The poles weigh just a few ounces each.

Ski Style


Clothing designers learned long ago that cashmere, while elegant, is one finicky fabric, particularly when worn by those with an active lifestyle. Merino wool, shorn from a particular breed of sheep, mimics cashmere in look, weight and softness but adds durability. Merino also contains antibacterial properties thanks to the presence of lanolin, a wax secreted by the sheep. Merino sweaters and pullovers, such as those from Dale of Norway, are as fashionable and functional on the chateau terrace as on the slopes the alfresco vantage grounds overlook.


The ski scene calls for a dash of ruggedness, and nothing says outdoors adventurer better than an Arctic-ready jacket. Outfitters like Canada Goose specialize in designing coats made for the extreme cold that don’t make the wearer look like a marshmallow. And the parkas are made from breathable fabric to avoid overheating.


Footwear poses perhaps the après-ski culture’s greatest conundrum: Eye-catching shoes, those greatest of fashion statements, can be a serious safety hazard. Men and women as concerned with sure footing as they are with style are donning track sole boots, like those made by Rag & Bone that exude sophistication.


Don’t let helmet hair spoil a spur-of-the-moment celebration. Go from tousled to chic with a knit hat, be it a beanie, a beret or a trapper, from an “it” brand like Bogner.

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