From Planeside to Yachtside

Luxury aqua limo simplifies and glamorizes ground transfers

Why You Need It

Coming and going between aircraft and megayacht can be a logistical challenge, usually involving some combination of boats, helicopters and automobiles. Not so for those in possession of the Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33, a luxurious transportation vehicle that operates on land and in the water. This 33-foot limo accommodates up to 12 guests, travels at speeds up to 85 mph on roads and 28 knots in the water and is easily stowed aboard large yachts.

Why It’s Special

Aside from the James Bond-cool qualities of a car that seamlessly transfers between land and water, the accouterments make the Nouvoyage stand out. This is truly a sweet ride, with fine leather seats, a high-end sound system, varnished wood veneers on the flooring and walls, panoramic windows and a powered sunroof. Add an optional galley or bathroom for greater comfort. A reversible boarding staircase and gullwing roof hatch simplify the embarking and disembarking process whether the Nouvoyage is parked on an airport ramp or maneuvering alongside a yacht. And a diesel-electric driveline, which utilizes a diesel engine only to generate electricity to power electric motors placed on the wheels and waterjets, eliminates the reliability issues that have long plagued other amphibious tenders. Nouvoyage’s inventor, a building architect by trade, first dreamed up the aqua limo while sitting in traffic en route to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, from Boston on summer weekends.

What It Costs

The Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33 ranges in price from US$2 million to US$3.5 million, depending on cabin outfitting. For more information, visit

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