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Redefining the pre-owned aircraft sales experience
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Written By Jonathan King

The Gulfstream brand is synonymous with quality, dependability and performance. Whether manufacturing new aircraft, servicing aircraft in various stages of their life cycle or marketing pre-owned aircraft, the objective is the same—provide customer satisfaction second to none.

The Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales team strives to uphold those standards and exceed expectations, whether marketing a Gulfstream aircraft or one produced by another manufacturer. But when it comes to brokering a Gulfstream, no other brokerage provider can claim to have the familiarity and experience with Gulfstream aircraft more so than the company that manufactured it.

The Gulfstream pre-owned brokerage expertise includes unsurpassed product knowledge, market analysis and pricing guidance. Gulfstream also provides transaction support and aircraft/records and condition survey services as well as post-closing assistance, such as access to experts for advice on aircraft customization, engineering services, complete cabin refurbishment and avionics upgrades.

“We help customers understand what the market is doing and how their particular aircraft fits in the market at the exact moment when it becomes available,” says Jim Ross, vice president of Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales. “We’re helping them make an informed decision by leveraging knowledge that simply isn’t available to brokers not associated with Gulfstream.”

The five-person Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales team is among the most knowledgeable in the industry, with more than 100 years of combined experience in researching, marketing and brokering pre-owned aircraft. Customers can count on unparalleled access to market research to provide an accurate aircraft valuation. Buyers and sellers also leverage Gulfstream’s expertise in Product Support and Engineering. The Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales team works hand-in-hand with support technicians and sales engineers who can answer technical service inquiries from prospects to provide assurances that the valuation is accurate based on service history and product life cycle.

The Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales team is also supported by Gulfstream’s worldwide network of more than 60 new aircraft sales directors, sales representatives and consultants.

“We have this wonderful network of aircraft sales representatives, so we’re able to offer the owner’s aircraft at a personal level around the world,” says Paul Palminteri, Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales director. “Our ability to reach new buyers exists where it might not elsewhere.”

The Gulfstream name provides tremendous brand recognition and a cachet that inspires confidence in buyers and sellers alike. Gulfstream’s reputation for product support and customer service is known the world over.

Many potential buyers visit Gulfstream facilities at the company’s Savannah, Georgia, headquarters and are treated to factory tours and introduced to Gulfstream’s Product Support and Technical Operations teams. These interactions allow future Gulfstream owners to begin to grasp the scope of Gulfstream’s customer support culture and commitment since the sales transaction is just the beginning of a relationship between the buyer and Gulfstream.

By the time customers leave Gulfstream they realize they’re not just buying an airplane, they’re buying into this whole organization.

“People purchasing a pre-owned airplane from another broker don’t receive that kind of experience because they are not the same company that built and is responsible for servicing the airplane during its life cycle,” Ross says. “By the time customers leave Gulfstream they realize they’re not just buying an airplane, they’re buying into this whole organization.”

Gulfstream brokerage services opened five years ago and is already seeing repeat business and referrals, a trend that Ross anticipates will continue as the aviation community realizes the value of having the manufacturer leverage its aircraft-specific knowledge and resources as the listing agent to benefit both buyer and seller.

Ross and his team take great pride in upholding Gulfstream’s legendary reputation for excellent customer service.

“Customer expectations are rightfully high for anything that bears the Gulfstream name, because we’ve set a pretty high standard,” Ross says. “But we’re up to the challenge and we work to meet and exceed that standard every day.”

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