London Calling

One-of-a-kind Gulfstream center takes customers on a design journey
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Written By Heidi Fedak
Photography By Mark Wagner

It may be part of the bustling Mayfair District, but Gulfstream’s London Sales and Design Center truly stands alone.

It is the company’s first such facility outside the United States and the only one not attached to an airport or Gulfstream manufacturing facility.

In fact, its center-city location is a large part of the facility’s appeal.

“With a significant increase in international orders, we wanted to provide customers somewhere ‘local’ they could visit and make their interior design selections,” says Trevor Esling, a regional senior vice president of International Sales for Gulfstream. “The Mayfair area and the nearby neighborhoods of Kensington, St. James and Belgravia are home to customers from all areas of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. London, with its financial district, remains the number one destination for many of our customers.”

And so, the new London Sales and Design Center was born. Or should we say, reborn. Gulfstream had a London sales office a decade ago but certainly not on par with the chic new design center.

One of three such centers in the Gulfstream family, the London boutique is, indeed, unique. Leveraging technology in place of the plane, this center takes customers on a one-of-a-kind design journey that begins as soon as the elevator door slides open.

One step inside and tranquility descends. From here, the world, awash in opportunity, awaits outside the window, the striking urban geometry of the city’s skyline providing a stark contrast to the design center’s soft colors, graceful curves and sweeping lines.

The space is reminiscent of an aircraft interior thanks to the plush seating, high-speed technology and task-specific spaces. Three conference rooms provide plenty of room for conversations or consultation. Two lounge areas offer space for thoughtful reflection.

But the real centerpiece of this facility is a design center featuring an extensive array of cabin selections, from fine porcelain to lux leathers and, quite literally, everything in between.

After all, at the heart of this design center is three-dimensional visualization software that allows customers to quickly see their selections in situ without ever leaving the room. Real-time renderings of the aircraft draped in its new décor can be projected onto a crisp, white wall.

Even better, the software doesn’t rely on a standard sample selection. Rather, clients can choose from Gulfstream’s wide array of interior goods or scan their own using a digital scanner to create a one-of-a-kind interior. The rendering helps customers visualize the finished product.

“You can print right from the system,” says Tray Crow, Gulfstream’s Interior Design director, “so you can walk away with a rendering. The capabilities we have at the London Sales and Design Center draw you into the space and deeper into the experience of designing your aircraft’s interior.”

And it’s the experience—much like the location—that makes all the difference.

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