Look Who's Talking

product support, aviation
Written By Sean Coughlin
Illustration By Brittany Porter

For more than 16 years, Gulfstream has been leveraging one of its most precious assets, customers, to help improve the products and services provided to all operators, and, in the case of the new G280 and G650, provide critical input that helped shape new programs during the development phase.

The people who serve on the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) consist of representatives from flight, operations and maintenance departments who operate mid- and large-cabin Gulfstream aircraft. Current CAB members hail from 12 countries ranging from Canada and Brazil to Tanzania and the United Arab Emirates.

“The diversity of the CAB continues to get stronger and stronger,” says Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream Product Support. “Each CAB member brings to this professional forum a unique perspective on their aircraft and its operation. We want to know how they use their aircraft and what we can do to enhance their operation of it.”

The CAB and its subset, the Advanced Technology Customer Advisory Team (ATCAT), have been instrumental in many additions and improvements to Gulfstream aircraft over the years. Their input played a significant role in the development of features for Gulfstream’s flagship, the G650, including cabin size and performance.

The CAB has six committees—Flight Operations, Maintenance Operations, Product and Reliability Enhancement, G100/G150, G200/G280 and Cabin Operations—and about 100 members, who work alongside Gulfstream support staff for the continued improvement of all products and services through user feedback and input.

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