Making the Most of Mandates

Gulfstream’s integrated FANS 1/A+ solution offers fuel and time savings while enhancing flight monitoring and communication

Increased regulations are rarely welcomed with excitement, but in the case of the international Future Air Navigation System mandates, there is an upside: Aircraft owners and operators will benefit from data enhancements that promise to save time and money.

Known as FANS, the mandates require aircraft wanting access to traffic routes above 29,000 feet to comply with new communication, navigation and surveillance standards. There are no exemptions available.

Aircraft owners who upgrade now will receive immediate benefit because their aircraft can be cleared to fly in preferred air traffic routes, or “tracks.” Non-FANS-compliant aircraft will be directed to fly over or around the tracks, which will add time and burn additional fuel. The preferred tracks are favored because they offer less congestion and optimal flight conditions that improve fuel-efficiency.

The mandates are being partially phased in, and after January 30, 2020, aircraft without FANS will not be allowed to operate in many popular air traffic routes, including most North Atlantic routes.

Gulfstream GV, GIV and GIV-SP owners, who are subject to the mandates, have an advantage in choosing the Gulfstream upgrade. The Gulfstream FANS 1/A+ solution is fully integrated into the flight management system, which means the upgrade will engage seamlessly without any reduction in performance from autothrottle or autopilot functions—something lesser aftermarket solutions cannot offer.

Aircraft owners who upgrade now will receive immediate benefit because their aircraft can be cleared to fly in preferred air traffic routes.

“Our customers are telling us they want the fully integrated system,” says Mike West, vice president, Gulfstream Product Support Sales and New Business Development. “The Gulfstream GV, GIV and GIV-SP are sophisticated cockpits, and any FANS 1/A+ system for them should be fully capable of meeting current and future navigation and communication requirements without compromising operational capabilities or performance.”

FANS improves the accuracy of aircraft monitoring and communication between pilot and air traffic control by relaying satellite-based automatic position updates to the tower and by delivering routing information, weather reports and clearance instruction via text messages to the pilot, all of which increase accuracy and reduce pilot workload. Much of that communication now happens over high-frequency radio. Pilots often have to maintain position while waiting for clearances. And radio communications also introduce the possibility of misunderstood or garbled messages.

Gulfstream’s fully integrated FANS 1/A+ system offers another advantage: It can be easily updated as new technology and requirements become available.

The FANS 1/A+ upgrade can be incorporated into the scheduling of other improvements, including cabin refurbishments, by contacting a regional Product Support sales manager. Owners who schedule the FANS 1/A+ upgrade sooner avoid the risk of being noncompliant. Service centers have a limited number of slots available for scheduling upgrades. The nearer the mandate deadline, the more difficult it will become to find a center with availability.

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