Meet the Lead Flight Attendant: Jeanette Brewer

Jeanette Brewer flies the planet showcasing Gulfstream aircraft to customers. The lead flight attendant in Gulfstream’s Flight Crew Cabin Operations group also plays a crucial role on the ground as an invaluable resource for those designing and developing cabins for future products.

When did your interest in aviation begin?

As a child, I begged my father to stop at the airport to see the airplanes flying overhead. I never imagined that would lead to my working in the industry. I came to Gulfstream in 1999 in an executive assistant’s role, with no flight attendant background. At that time, we had all these advances going on in the flight deck but few in the cabin. We’ve seen big changes since.

How has Gulfstream’s approach to the cabin evolved?

Flying in a Gulfstream is about the experience. The focus is on ensuring we’ve created the world’s finest aviation experience. The finest amenities, like comfortable seating and HD entertainment. The best cabin environment, with 100 percent fresh air and the lowest cabin altitude. The best of everything.

What role does your team play in helping design and perfect the cabins for advanced aircraft currently in development?

We take everything we hear from customers and our own experiences and feed that to engineering to make all of our future products even better. We are currently involved in the G500 Cabin Integration Test Facility, or ITF, running flight simulations where we work just like we would in a real aircraft and provide feedback. We assist in the design of components, offering end-user insights we gain from flying and operating the aircraft just as customers do.

Which cabin advancements have had the biggest impact?

Without question, the largest windows in the industry in the G650, G650ER and coming soon in the G500 and G600. The increase in natural light and the panoramic views make a phenomenal difference for the passengers. From a cabin attendant perspective, having windows in the galley is the best thing ever.

How do you assist in the sales efforts?

How many people get to be in front of the decision makers during the process? Not too many. We set the atmosphere and make sure the experience is one of a kind. We’re available to answer questions during the flight about features like the cabin management system and berthing seats into beds. For customers who bring their flight crew, we guide those flight attendants and pilots through cabin operations.

What makes a Gulfstream flight attendant inherently different than a commercial flight attendant?

The role we play in working with our advanced aircraft programs to integrate new technology into the cabin. As the people who spend the most time in the cabin, no one knows better than us what can be done to improve the experience.

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