Record Run Continues for G650ER

Gulfstream’s flagship aircraft, the Gulfstream G650ER, recently racked up three more city-pair records.

In June, the G650ER set a city-pair record en route to Washington, D.C., to commemorate the company’s 2014 Robert J. Collier Trophy win, the third time Gulfstream has earned the honor.

The ultralong-range G650ER departed Paris-Le Bourget Airport, flew against an average 58-knot headwind, and arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport 7 hours 50 minutes later. The aircraft accomplished the 3,869-nautical-mile/7,165-kilometer journey at an average speed of Mach 0.90.

In April, the flagship aircraft raced between three cities to garner two more city-pair records. Flying at an average speed of Mach 0.90, the G650ER linked London with Hong Kong and Hong Kong with Seattle.

On April 23, the aircraft departed London Luton Airport and touched down at Hong Kong International Airport, flying 5,588 nautical miles/10,349 kilometers in 10 hours and 27 minutes. The aircraft then departed Hong Kong on April 25 and flew 5,905 nautical miles/10,936 kilometers, landing at King County International Airport/Boeing Field in Seattle to complete the flight in 10 hours and 25 minutes.

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