Rotating Time

Finally art and practicality have come together in the coolest-looking watch winder we have found yet

Why You Need It

Anyone who admires superb engineering will appreciate the mechanical genius at the heart of the Döttling company’s Gyrowinder. No other watch winder can so closely mimic the movement of a timepiece on the owner’s wrist, and no other device can be calibrated so precisely.

Why It’s Special

As its name implies, the Gyrowinder holds a watch in the center of a 360-degree gyroscope of four concentric rings, allowing completely free rotation of the watch in all directions. Because watches all have different weights, the Gyrowinder comes with a set of counterweights so each watch can be individually balanced.

Watching your most beloved watch gyrating under the Gyrowinder’s hand-blown, crystal glass cover can become mesmerizing—almost as if time were standing still.

What It Costs

Starting at US$17,900/€12,900. For more information visit

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