The Power of Time

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Written By Scott Neal

We can all relate to this constant refrain: if only I had more time. Having more time makes the difference between gaining the competitive edge and coming in last. Business jet travel has, of course, helped us navigate the world more quickly. Fortunately, Gulfstream has taken that advantage one step further.

We are hearing from our customers that they regularly fly their G650s and G650ERs at Mach 0.90 because they recognize the benefits of speed. How fast is Mach 0.90? It’s nine-tenths the speed of sound—that’s nearly 600 miles or 950 kilometers an hour.

Flying regularly at Mach 0.90 can save you more than 50 hours a year over other aircraft. That means more time for work and family.

The ability to cruise at Mach 0.90 saves more than just time. Flying faster means that you are putting fewer hours on your aircraft, which enhances its value and keeps maintenance costs lower. It also means that the crew spends less time in the flight deck and arrives more refreshed at your destination.

When we began to design the all-new G500 and G600, we knew that speed would make the difference. The result is that we now offer a fleet of aircraft with speed as a common denominator. Like the G650 and G650ER, the new G500 and G600 are designed to operate regularly at Mach 0.90. They also expand our product line to accommodate a variety of mission requirements.

High speed is the new normal, and Gulfstream has taken the lead.

High speed is the new normal, and Gulfstream has taken the lead.

Gulfstream’s large-cabin models are not alone in setting new standards. The G280 is a midcabin aircraft with large-cabin performance. Its speed, range and efficiency have been proven with an impressive list of more than 50 city-pair speed records, linking London to Chicago and Dubai to Hong Kong, among many others.

We have heard our customers’ call for speed, safety and efficiency. While Gulfstream may not be able to add more hours to the day or days to the year, we can give some time back to you.

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